GaideCom specializes in the development and marketing of musicians, entertainers, artists and other creatives.  Using an integrated approach and our 13 years of experience, we help individuals and companies take their talent and creativity from concept to profitability.

  • Development
  • Branding
  • Audio Branding & Sound Design
  • Mnemonics
  • Touch Point Delivery Strategy & Implementation
  • Image Building
  • Website Design
  • Digital/Social Media/Mobile Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Networking (in social media and in the real world)
  • Internet Broadcast (radio, video, podcast)
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Crisis Management

Our Process:

1) Concept Evaluation and “Tweaking”: The first step is the evaluation of your creative concept, using a “where you’re at now” approach. Of course, the best results are achieved when you have not previously attempted to brand or market your creation, but we have also successfully re-branded creative ideas.  Bring to your initial consultation (which is free, by the way), everything you’ve got at this point in your creative endeavor (i.e. – logo ideas, websites, social media, advertising).  In other words, show us “where you’re at now.”

If, at this early stage, we feel that your concept is not ready for growth (which is the next stage of the process), we will recommend a “tweaking” period that will enable us to work with you on “fleshing out” your creative concept towards the goal of transforming it into a viable growth product.

2) Setting Sail and Making Waves: In this phase, our team helps you develop an integrated marketing/branding strategy that is designed to take your creative endeavor from the “where you’re at now” stage through audience awareness, engagement and action (sales), and is the stage in which we bring to the table our best, creative and strategic thinking to build your brand, successfully engage your target audience and generate sales and profit.  It starts with “doing our homework” — market research.  We start developing those winning strategies by first understanding the needs of your brand as well as your target audience.

With years of experience in marketing, sales, advertising, branding and social media (our resident marketing maniac, president Susan Gaide, teaches social media marketing for University of California – Berkeley), we help you do more than just get your creative idea out there or pitch your creative ideas and products to companies in the music, motion picture, advertising and video game industries…

We help you set sail and make waves!

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